July 24, 2017,

Bandung (SGE) — On July 24, 2017, Sentra Global Edukasi (SGE) receiving an educational institutions delegation from Okayama and conducted an audience to the Governor of West Java Province and Department of Education Office of West Java Province.

In addition, the purpose of the audiences was to convey the idea of ​​a professional education program to Japan for SMA & SMK graduates as outlined in a concept of "Japan Indonesian Students NET (JISN)" where the concept will be a collaboration between the West Java provincial government and Okayama, schools and several companies in Indonesia as well as in Japan.

CEO & Founder of Sentra Global Edukasi, Mr. Rudi Subiyanto said that this visit was a reply visit to the Head of Education Office and Chairman of Private School Board (Badan Musyawarah Perguruan Swasta) and principals of SMA & SMK in West Java Province to Okayama, Japan on last May 7 - 13, 2017.

On this occasion, Director of Sentra Global Edukasi, Rizka Sungkar explained that the development of educational program that is created by SGE will be clear evidence that the improvement of human resource quality (HR) is a shared responsibility and to be felt together in the future.

Since 2015, SGE in collaboration with Education Office and BMPS has dispatched 3 batches of 53 graduates of SMK & SMA in West Java Province who continue their education in Japan.

It is reiterated that the students who will attend this professional education program to Japan for 3.5 years where the students will follow Japanese language education, manners and expertise in the field of interests. During the education process students will get a part-time job at a Japanese company and after completing their education, they will be placed in Japanese companies both in Japan and in Indonesia with levels well above labour.

The educational delegation consists of several educational institutions, namely Okayama Institute of Languages, Chugoku Gakuen University, KIBI International University (Junsei School of Nursing and Welfare), Sendagaya Japanese Institute, and Kagisen (Okayama Science and Technology College).

While stay in Indonesia, the delegation will visit several educational institutions in West Java Province such as SMKN 1 Ciamis, SMKN 2 Tasikmalaya, SMK Bina Karya 1 Karawang, SMK Triple J Bogor, SMK Taruna Terpadu 1 Bogor.

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